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There's always a story to tell. There's always a song.


My name is DEBSTER (Debora Hulskamp)

I'm a BUMA Dutch Writers Camp Winner 'Best Talent' songwriter & producer based in the Netherlands near The Hague and Scheveningen with it's lovely beaches. My goal is to write and co-write songs for and with artists worldwide.

I already had a lot of practice by being a songwriter and also through my international 5-star rated Workshop called 'Songwriting With Awarded Producer'.


For Workshop click this LINK button &

for songwriting lessons (also online)

contact me and for rates see Vocal Coach.

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S.W.A.P. Workshop:

Songwriting With Awarded Producer

From all over the world, tourists, aspiring songwriters, hobbyists and people just looking for an out-of-the-box fun Experience, find their way to DEBSTER's 5-star rated songwriting workshop. A workshop in which they co-write and record the fresh new written song, all within a time-frame of just 3 hours.

No singing, songwriting or playing instruments skills are required.

There's always a story to tell. There's always a song.

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